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Relationship from the 8th century and prior, the Manyoshu is the oldest jap poetry anthology. The 1,000 poems selected for this recognized choice have been selected by means of a extraordinary scholarly committee according to their poetic excellence, their position in revealing the japanese nationwide spirit and personality, and their cultural and ancient significance.  textual content is in English purely.

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It 1i was such a picture of the gay metropolis which the officials stationed at the Empire's outposts, ' the far courts of the Sovereign', could never forget and which caused them the most unbearable pangs of nostalgia (Nos. 55 8-9). Various functions, temple services, holiday outings, banquets and entertainments, occurring from day to day, made life in Nara a dehghtful thing not only to those ' lords and ladies of the Great Palace' (No. 912), but to the common run of its citizens. Of course there were the poor who grieved of having 'no sackcloth for my cluldren to wear' and envied ' those silks and quilted clothes ' thrown away by the rich (Nos.

Moreover, with the firm establishment of internal order and security, and the enhancement of the Government's power and prestige, the borders of the empire were extended into remoter regions occupied by untamed tribes such as the Yezo in northern provinces or the Hqyato in south-eastern Kyushii. Thus, the Many6 age was one of unprecedented cultural progress and political expansion. Viewed from the present day, what was then actually accomplished appears quite small in scale, but its significance is to be discovered in the temper of the Many6 man in the course of this expansion and growth.

The use of the shime (sacred rope) to mark off a place, or an object, was the principal method for making taboo (No. 35), while the binding of a stalk or spray of a plant for happiness and long life (No. ) and sleeping with one's sleeves turned back to anticipate a visit from a lover or fnend, were some of the commonest forms of sympathetic magic (No. 442). Among the omens, which were believed to be auguries of the coming of one's lover, an itch in the eyebrow, a sneeze, or unfastening of the girdle, may be cited as examples.

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