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By László Holics

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A) Which point of the rod has zero accelerati on at the moment of re leas ing the weigh t? b) At what mass rati o is the acceleration of the ce ntre of the rod maximal at the moment o f releasing th e we ight ') De termine thi s acceleration. In Problem 99. A thin rod of len gth I, mass 'In and uniform mass distribution is lying on a smooth tabletop. O ne e nd is give n a sudden horizontal impul se in a direction pe rpendi c ul ar to the len gt h of the rod. How lo ng will the rod slide al ong the table as it makes two complete revolutions '?

Finally, it is taken back to its origina l state along a path whose graph is a straight line segment on the p-V diagram . 28 kJ / (kg·K). a) Find the effic iency of this cycle. b) How does the temperature change in terms of the volume and 111 term s of the pressure th rough o ne complete cycle? Problem 192. The cyclic process show n in the figure is carried out with 1 mole of di ato mi c gas. Find the percentage of the heat absorbed by the gas that is co nverted into useful work. Problem 193. A closed container ~ 2·10 3 2 ------------ --- i~ : ------~L, ,,1 : ' : conta ins diatom ic gas at temperature 300 600 T(K ) TI and pressure Pl.

Usc g= 101ll /S a) Mc rc ury is po ured int o the empt y part above thL: piston unti l the cyli nder is ful l. Find thc mass of the mcrcury co lumn . ) b) The air is th en heated very slowly un ti l all the mcrcury run s out fro m the cy linder. Fi nd thc minim um heat tran srerred to the air in th is prm:css . 7 cmJ 46 2. mics Prohlem 202. A cylinder of mass 8 kg and cross-sec ti onal area 20 cm 2 is hang in g, su spended on its pi ston . The cy linder contains helium of temperature 27 DC. The temperature is slowl y decreasin g.

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