A Blake Dictionary: The Ideas and Symbols of William Blake by S. Foster Damon PDF

By S. Foster Damon

William Blake, poet, artist, and mystic, created an enormous multidimensional universe via his verse and paintings. Spun from a material of symbolism and populated by way of a number of complicated characters, Blake's finished international has supplied never-ending thought to next generations. For the reader of Blake, historical past wisdom of his symbolism is a need. during this quantity, first released in 1965, S. Foster Damon, father of contemporary Blake reviews and a professor at Brown college until eventually his loss of life, has assembled all references to specific symbols or facets of Blake's paintings and existence, in order that readers can see the complete spectrum of Blake's concept on numerous themes.

For this variation of S. Foster Damon's vintage reference paintings, Morris Eaves has written an up to date annotated bibliography and a brand new foreword, integrated right here together with his unique 1988 index.

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