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202). 17. NCCS 84a Tathagatadasa (No. 551); this entry should be corrected by adding that the author is also quoted in SkY. 1389. 7. D. 1431), for his verses were already quoted in JS. (No. 222). 8. D. 1119-1151 instead of 1419-51 (No. 257). 15. NCC? 343a Jfianankura (No. 540); correct to SkY. 1627 (instead of 126). 18. NCCS 109b Taraninandin (no. 555); this entry should be corrected by adding that the author is alo quoted in SkY. 726, 1082, 1086 and that the verse Skm. 1894 (attributed in SkY.

249 J), 5 verses of Krsnamisra traced in his Probodhacandrodaya (No. ), 27 verses of Kokkoka traced in his Ratirahasya (No. 295 J), 2 verses of Ksemisvara traced in his Candakausika (No. 308 J), 1 verse of Ksernendra traced in his Kalavilasa (No. 309 J), numerous verses of Canakya (No. 448 J), 2 verses of Trivikramabhatta I traced in his Nalacampii (No. 582 J), numerous verses of Dandin trace~ in his Kavyadarsa (No. 590 J) 111, 5 Narayanabhatta's v~rses traced in the Venisariihara (No. 748 J), 3 Bana's verses traced in the Kadambari and Harsacarita (No.

1924 ),Ajanasura (No. 1925), Atreya (No. 70), Ananda (Ri'l1)4ananda) (No. 75), Anandakaramisra (No. 78), Anaphita (No. 82), Uttyararna (No. 119), Udatta (No 129), Uddamakavi (No. 1926), Uddamabharati (No. 130), Kutankoddhara (No. 154), Katukaditya (No. 155), Kamala (No. 166), Karnalakara (No. 170), Karna (No. 181; though seven other Kama-s arc quoted), Kalyana (No. 191), Kavya (No. 232), Kikakavi (No. 236), Kuntalapati (No. 240), Kumara-bhadanta (No. 247), Kumara-Kalidasa (No. 248), Kumaranayaka (No.

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