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By James A. Jobling

Containing over 8,500 entries, A Dictionary of clinical chicken Names is the 1st booklet to provide an explanation for the derivation and that means of all legitimate medical fowl names. This invaluable reference defines every one identify half individually to prevent the confusion of destiny revisions--a identify like Passer domesticus will merely be chanced on because the separate entries Passer (sparrow) and domesticus (domestic). different entries offer interesting information and valuable details. We examine, for instance, that lewis is derived from explorer Meriwether Lewis, and decussatus shows poultry is marked with X-shaped crosses. And an informative creation discusses the ways that birds were named for his or her visual appeal, for someone or position, or a few element in their habitat, nutrients, or voice.
With a whole bibliography and huge cross-references, A Dictionary of chicken Names will discover a everlasting position on any bird-lover's shelf.

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Avocettula Dim. of syn. genus Avocetta, avocet (v. avosetta); ref. the upturned, avocet-like bill of the fiery-tailed Awlbill A. recurvirostris. avosetta Local Venetian (Italian) name avosetta for the Pied Avocet Recurvirostra. awokera Japanese name ao-gera, meaning green woodpecker (ao, green; gera, woodpecker) for the Wavy-bellied Woodpecker Picus. axillaris L. axillaris, of the armpit, shoulders or wing (axilla, the armpit, shoulder or wing; ala, the wing). ayacuchensis After the Department of Ayacucho in south-central Peru, scene of the battle in 1824 that secured Peruvian independence from Spain.

Swainson was notorious for his careless misspellings, often compounded by his publishers and printers, and the name is undoubtedly from Gr. hapalos, delicate, gentle. Apaloderma Gr. hapalos, delicate, tender; derma, the skin; the skin of trogons is delicate and easily torn, collected specimens being notoriously difficult to prepare as the feathers readily drop out. Apalopteron Gr. hapalos, delicate, tender; pteron, a feather; ref. the soft, fluffy plumage of the White-eyed Honeyeater A. familiare.

Aphrastura Gr. aphrastos, strange, extraordinary; oura, the tail; the tail feathers of the rayaditos terminate in rather stiff, almost bare, shafts, about 12 mm long, the tips being thorn-like. Aphriza Gr. aphros, sea foam; zao, to live; ref. littoral habitat of the Surfbird A. virgata. apiaster L. apiastra, the bee-eater Merops (apis, a bee). apiata No expl. (Vieillot (1816), Nouv. Dict. Hist. l, p. 342), where the Clapper Lark Mirafra is called Alouette bateleuse. Perhaps a L. rendition of the bird's cry 'pi-ouit', but probably an error for L.

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