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Download e-book for kindle: A history of ancient Sparta : valor, virtue, and devotion in by Timothy B. Shutt, Recorded Books

By Timothy B. Shutt, Recorded Books

Explores the historical past and tradition of old Sparta, a society well known for army excellence and adherence to the values of braveness, self-discipline, accountability, and the overcoming of worry. Professor Shutt delves into Spartan tradition, reading its origins, executive, faith, and the foremost occasions that outlined its history.

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Bronze Figure of a Running Girl The figure was found at Prizren, Serbia, but is believed to have been made in or near Sparta between 520 and 500 BCE. com 33 FOR GREATER UNDERSTANDING Questions 1. What were the characteristics of the Spartan female’s “up-bringing”? 2. Why were Spartan men and women housed separately during the first years of marriage? Suggested Reading Pomeroy, Sarah B. Spartan Women. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002. Other Books of Interest Aristotle. Politics. Trans. Ernest Barker.

Meanwhile, the late 500s also saw the accession of two kings who, in their varied ways, would prove very influential: the Agaid, Cleomenes I, about 520, and his Eurypontid counterpart, Demaratus, about five years later. They would not get on well together. In about 519, interestingly enough, Cleomenes turned down an offer of alliance from the small Boeotian polis of Plataea, and in a move pregnant with impact for the future, advised the Plataeans instead to ally themselves with Athens, on the grounds that Athens was closer, hoping thereby, so skeptical later critics have supposed, to foment discord between Athens and the dominant Boeotian polis of Thebes.

They do whatever it commands, which is always the same: it forbids them to flee in battle, and no matter how many men they are fighting, it orders them to remain in their rank and either prevail or perish. 4–5) LECTURE TEN And so, of course, things turned out. ” To no avail. The Greeks fought in relays, and all inflicted heavy casualties on their more lightly armored opponents. 3). And so it went for two days. On the third, however, one Ephialtes of Malis told Xerxes of a path over Mt. Anopaea by which the Greeks could be taken in the rear.

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