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An interesting "geographic facies" has been the loss of micropunctation from tergite I or II in such distantly related groups as bigltlmis and montezuma. The resultant greater reflectivity of a smooth surface may be of selective advantage under the prevailing light conditions. Area can be rather sharply dra'Wll as compared with its southern limits. that have reached northern outposts on the Pacific side include Z. menkei, guerreroi, nigricornis, and aztecus. The southern boundary is crossed by at least eight species but nineteen others do not occur south of Nicaragua, and three South American forms, Z.

Holotype female, ]\fexico (BM). Zethus levinodu-s Smith, of Dalla Torre, 1894. Cat. Hym. 9: 12. Emendation. Zethus nitidinod'us Cameron, 1907. Entomologist 40:81. Holotype male, Mexico (BM). -Length to apex of tergite II from 15 to 22 rom. Black with ivory markings as follows: lower one-third of male clypeus, male flagellomeres beneath, scrobal spot, humeral spot usually, upper mesopleural spot, postscutellar and propodeal spots, subapical band or double spot on tergite I; subapical band on tergite II and sternite II.

3: 15. Type: Zethus gigas Spinola, by monotypy. Euzethus Dalla TorTe, 1904. Genera rnsee-toTum, fase. 19:14. New name for Zethus. Wettsteinia Dalla Torre, 1904. Genera Insectorum, fasc. 19: 13. Type: Zethus sichelianu8 Sanssure, by present designation. Laboides Zavattari, 1912. Arch. f. N aturgesch. 78 (Abt. A), Heft 4: 65. Type: Labus siohelianus Saussure by present designation. te to coarsely striate but without regular longjtumnal microstriae; maxillary palpus usually with six palpomeres but in some groups with five, four, or three; stem of tergite II usually shorter than that of I but in some groups equal to or longer than that of I; mid tibia usually with two apical spurs but in some species with only one.

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