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Adaptive Beaming and Imaging in the Turbulent Atmosphere - download pdf or read online

By Vladimir P. Lukin, Boris V. Fortes

A result of broad software of adaptive optical structures, an realizing of optical wave propagation in randomly inhomogeneous media has turn into crucial, and several other numerical types of person AOS parts and of effective correction algorithms were built. This monograph includes exact descriptions of the mathematical experiments that have been designed and conducted in the course of greater than a decade's worthy of research.


- Preface to the English version

- creation

- Mathematical Simulation of Laser Beam Propagation within the surroundings

- Modeling an Adaptive Optics procedure

- Adaptive Imaging

- Minimization and section Correction of Thermal Blooming of High-Power Beams

- A Reference Beacon as a Key component to an Adaptive Optics process

- end

- Index

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11):  U1  r (1  z )    1 . 22) To calculate the second fraction, differentiate Eq. 11) with respect to  z,  x , and  y2. 23) 1  z     2ikU1z  r (1  z )   U1xx  r (1  z )   U1yy  r (1  z )  , 3 from which it is seen that the second fraction on the right-hand side of Eq. 21) is equal to 1 exp  k 2 (1  z )  2 . 24) Substituting Eqs. 24) into Eq. 21), we find the relation sought: Mathematical Simulation of Laser Beam Propagation in the Atmosphere  n2  r   1 1  z  2   n1  r (1  z )  .

This is possible because at every cycle along the abscissa with the duration Tx  ( N ) / Vx , the phase screen shifts along the ordinate by Dy  TxVy . The period of exact recurrence is determined by the following condition: nVyTx  mN  , where n and m are even numbers. And, hence, nVyTx  nVy ( N ) / Vx  mN   nVy  nVx  n  mVx / Vy  mctg . 40) with the corresponding parameters obtained theoretically in [42] and [43]. The calculated values of the integral variance of the approximation error obtained by averaging over 100 realizations are shown in Fig.

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