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By P. D. Evans, V. B. Wigglesworth

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Thus, in Draeculacephala crassicornis, J H treatment of diapausing insects slightly hastened sperm maturation (Reissing and Kamm, 1975). In Eurygaster integriceps, JHA treatment during prediapause accelerated spermatogenesis which, however, remained incomplete (Shinyaeva, 1981). 3 M. RAABE NEUROHORMONAL FACTORS A brain hormone is known to stimulate the functioning of the moulting gland, and a brain factor has also been shown to trigger ecdysone production in the ovary. It is therefore conceivable that the brain is involved in testis ecdysone production, as well.

Lett. 45,229-232. Bishop, C. A. and O’Shea, M. (1982). Neuropeptide proctolin (H-Arg-Try-LeuPro-Thr-OH): Imrnunocytochemical mapping of neurons in the central nervous system of the cockroach. J . Comp. Neurol. 207,223-238. Bishop, C . , O’Shea, M. and Miller, R. J. (1981). Neuropeptide proctolin (H-Arg-Tyr-Leu-Pro-Thr-OH): Immunological detection and neuronal localization in insect central nervous system. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 78,5899-5902. Bishop, C. , Wine, J. J. and O’Shea, M. (1984). Neuropeptide proctolin in postural motoneurons of the crayfish.

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