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In geology, permafrost or permafrost soil is soil at or less than the freezing aspect of water (0 C or 32 F) for 2 or extra years. Ice isn't consistently current, as could be in terms of nonporous bedrock, however it often happens and it can be in quantities exceeding the capability hydraulic saturation of the floor fabric.

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SP. A f ...... 12 fih Jurassic Symposium, Vancouver HILLEBRANDT, A. v. 1 98 1 . Faunas de amonites del Liasico Inferior y Medio (Hettangiano hasta Pliensbachiano) de America del Sur (excluyendo Argentina), p. 499-537. In Comite Sudamericano del Jurasico: Cuncas sedimentarias del Jurasico y Cretacico de America del Sur, 2. MEISTER, C. 1 986. Les ammonites du Carixien des Causses, France. Schweizerische Palaontologische Abhandlungen, I 09: 1 -209. __. 1 987. Comparaison des faunes d'ammonites au Domerien (Jurassique inferieur) entre le bassin des Causses et les Cordilleres Betiques; composition faunique et elements de correlation.

1961 ) . I n southern Germany, however, the fauna o f the Complanata Subzone is overlain by a fauna characterized by Schlotheirnia depressa (Quenstedt), lacking any elements of the Complanata Subzone. 37). The relationship between this new subzone and the fauna of the upper Angulata Zone in Britain, characterized by Schlotheirnia pseudornoreana Spath, remained unclear. Detailed sampling of the East Quantoxhead section has now yielded relevant new data. The last specimens of the Liasicus Zone are recorded from Bed 76 (Palmer Bed C8).

More intensive collecting would most probably yield still more of the species described by Lange, 1 95 1 . In Bed 1 3 3 (C90), a specimen of Schlotheirnia ex gr. striatissirna (Quenstedt) has been recovered (PI. 4). This rather variable species is characterized by dense, sigmoidal ribbing and rather narrow umbilicus. It occurs in the "Oolithenbank" of SW Germany and in eastern France (Guerin-Franiatte, 1 990, pi. 20, Fig. 2). The Complanata Subzone at Limekiln Steps is at least 1 6m thick; the true thickness may be greater because the lower boundary is not yet precisely located.

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