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By Otto Snow

The main entire reference consultant at the syntheses of amphetamines, phenyethylamines, ephedrine, cathinone, their speedy precursors and precursors. This contains the syntheses of mescaline and all well known psychedelic amphetamines together with MDMA, MDEA, 2CB, TMA, DOB, DOM and so on. enormous quantities of reactions are defined together with a overview of the managed Substance Analogue Act. some of the reactions contain: mark downs of phenyl-2-propanone utilizing aluminum amalgam, aluminum turnings or aluminum foil. The coaching of aluminum amalgam, mercury bichloride. Electrolytic mark downs. Phenyl-2-nitropropenes From pseudonitrosites. Phenyl-2-propanone (P-2-P) from phenylacetic acid; from phenyl-2-nitropropenes; from monochloroacetone; from phenyl-1,2-propanediol. (Friedel-Crafts Reaction); ketones from phenols. The instruction of amphetamines (Leuckart-Wallach Reaction); (Ritter Reaction); (Willgerodt Reaction); (Hofmann Reaction). Amphetamines From phenyl-2-bromopropane. training of cathinone. The guidance of substituted benzaldehydes; (Duff Reaction); (Elbs Persulfate Reaction); Phenols From Benzaldehydes; (Dakin Reaction). Benzaldehydes from Propenylbenzenes. best friend and propenylbenzenes from normal assets. Propenylbenzenes From phenyl-1-propanols. Phenylpropenes by way of thermal dehydration. Propenylbenzenes from benzenes; (Quelet Reaction). coaching of phenyl-1-propanols utilizing the Grignard Reagent; by way of the aid of propiophenone. education of cinnamic acids. Cinnamic acids from coumarins. obviously happening coumarins. The Crossed Aldol Condensation. The Haloform response. Hydrocinnamic acid from propiophenone. guidance of nitroethane. practise of 4-bromoamphetamine and 4-chloroamphetamine. guidance of neurotransmitters & neurotoxins and lots more and plenty more... 380 + references from medical and clinical journals. listed for quick identity of chemical substances, reactions and items.

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Many of the antipsychotic and antidepressant drug discoveries of recent years are minor variations on a common molecular theme with similar effects. However, it is precisely the differences that are medically significant -- different potencies, different side effects, and most important, different therapeutic uses. The same is true of analogs that do not belong to class of drugs with presently accepted therapeutic uses. One drug that has recently received some publicity is MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine).

Rats metabolize many drugs differently than humans (Beckett 1970; Boissier; Smith 1970). 2,3,4-TrimethoHyphenylethylamine M. F. [11 "17N03 M. W. 25 2,3,4-Trimethoxyphenylethylamine is a positional isomer of mescaline (3,4,S-Trimethoxyphenylethylam ine). It is inactive in normal subjects, but is hallucinogenic in schizophrenic patients (Slotta 1936) and is 'mescaline like' in rats. " (Nichols 1989). 26 AMPHETAMINE SYNTHESES A misinterpretation of a molecule's actiuity can occur when tests are applied to inappropriate species.

It could not be patented, and no drug company was interest in it. If the proposed legislation had been in effect at that time, all research could have been brought to a hold. Since reputable physicians and scientists would not have been willing to become outlaws to work with MDMA, we would never have learned about its therapeutic potential. The small illicit market, on the other hand, would have been affected very little. Under the new law, if there are any therapeutically useful analogs of currently controlled drugs, we many never come to know of their existence.

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