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By Dorling Kindersley

Old Greek tradition, which reached its height in Athens within the fifth century B.C., produced essentially the most excellent and engaging relics of Western civilization. This extraordinary Eyewitness booklet strains old Greek achievements from the Bronze Age throughout the Hellenistic interval utilizing proof discovered by means of archaeologists. Greek myths are brought in terms of statues, carvings, and illustrations. like several the books of this sequence, historical Greece is amazingly wealthy in shiny, colourful pictures, which deliver the topic to lifestyles. young children and adults can know about energy and politics in Athens, the mythical Herakles (not fairly just like the Disney version), temples, and residential existence. Archaeological proof exhibits what lifestyles was once like for girls and kids of old Greece, what humans did for enjoyable, and what their criteria of good looks and accomplishment have been. Its effortless to determine how influential this historic tradition has been on glossy existence, from technological know-how and drugs to the Olympic video games. tremendous informative, exciting, and wonderful.

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Spartan scenes were a popular subject with artists of the 19th century. This unusual painting by French impressionist painter Edgar Degas (1834–1917) shows boys and girls exercising in the valley of the river Eurotas which runs through Sparta. The girls look much more aggressive than girls from other Greek cities. Spartan regime The Spartan system of education, with its emphasis on physical fitness, was much admired in 19th-century Victorian Britain. Corporal punishment too was regarded as character-forming for schoolboys, just as it was in ancient Sparta.

The boy stands in front of his teacher who reads from a papyrus scroll. Training for war Traditionally, boys needed to be fit and strong so that they would grow up to be good soldiers. Therefore, there were special teachers of physical exercise called paidotribai (paidotribes in the singular). Paidotribai taught their pupils athletics and wrestling in the palaistra. This was a long low building with dressing rooms and a colonnaded courtyard covered with sand. Most Greek towns had a palaistra. Man riding on goose The palaistra at Olympia Clay company Toys for children were often made of wood or fabric and have not survived.

Ladder to upper storey Every house had an altar where the family would offer sacrifices to the gods Sitting pretty In this vase painting, a young woman, perhaps a bride preparing for her wedding, is sitting on a chair in her house. This elegant shape of chair is often seen on vases. Couches As Greek couches were made mainly of wood, none have survived. This bronze decoration was once fitted onto a couch near the head rest. Similar couches were used at meal times. On the tiles Sometimes the ends of terracotta roof tiles in wealthier homes and in temples were decorated with human and animal faces.

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