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By Steven J. Zaloga, Tony Bryan

First visible throughout the American Civil conflict and later showing within the Franco-Prussian conflict and the Anglo-Boer Wars, the armored teach got here to prominence at the jap entrance in the course of international warfare I. It was once additionally deployed in the course of the Russian Civil conflict and the expertise traveled east into the chinese language Civil battle, and the following conflict with Japan. It observed carrier at the Russian entrance in international struggle II, yet was once more and more sidelined by way of its vulnerability to air assault. Steven J Zaloga examines the origins and improvement of the armored educate focusing both at the technical element and at the attention-grabbing tale of the way armored trains have been really utilized in wrestle. This name will attract armor, army background and railroad fanatics alike.

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Since PT 15 had low priority, the Germans instead rebuilt seven captured Soviet MBV D-2 rail-cruisers with new motors and other improvements, and they entered combat starting in December 1943 as PT 17 to PT 23. 2mm guns on connected cars on either end. Completed in late 1943, it was first deploved to Poland in the summer of 1944 following the collapse of Army Group Center. The Wehrmacht generally operated its armored trains independently, but local commanders recommended following the Soviet practice of armored train battalions.

Given the fascination with German Panzers, it is not surprising that this area of armored train history is particularly well covered, notably Wolfgang Sawodny's superb for coastal defense against a possible German invasion. the trains eventually lettered A through M. Their main armament was a 6pdr Hotchkiss gun in the front of the car, plus the infantry section's rifles. After April 1941, they were manned by Polish troops as seen here. Although armored trains faded from service in the Soviet Army after the war, there was still considerable interest in vehicles for rail patrol and air defense.

The later BP 44 improved the armament with the use of four heavier 100mm or 105mm turrets and added a tank-destroyer car based on a PzKpfw IV Ausf H turret. The Panzerjagerwagen (tank hunter vehicle) was used at the front and rear of the train to provide antitank capability as well as direct artillery support. The first of the BP 44 trains, PZ 73, was deployed in June 1944, and nine were completed through the spring of 1945. German armored train strength remained significantly lower than Soviet strength, only 21 by ] 942, 29 by 1943,45 by 1944, and 55 by ] 945.

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