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By R. Padmanabhan

The significance of equational axioms emerged at the beginning with the axiomatic method of Boolean algebras, teams, and earrings, and later in lattices. This distinct learn monograph systematically offers minimum equational axiom-systems for varied lattice-related algebras, whether they're given by way of sign up for and meet or different forms of operations corresponding to ternary operations. all the axiom-systems is coded in a convenient method in order that you possibly can stick with the ordinary connection one of the a number of axioms and to appreciate the best way to mix them to shape new axiom platforms.

a brand new subject during this booklet is the characterization of Boolean algebras in the category of all uniquely complemented lattices. right here, the prestigious challenge of E V Huntington is addressed, which -- in accordance with G Gratzer, a number one specialist in glossy lattice concept -- is among the difficulties that formed a century of analysis in lattice conception. between different issues, it's proven that there are infinitely many non-modular lattice identities that strength a uniquely complemented lattice to be Boolean, therefore delivering a number of new axiom platforms for Boolean algebras in the category of all uniquely complemented lattices. eventually, a number of comparable traces of study are sketched, within the kind of appendices, together with one via Dr Willian McCune of the college of recent Mexico, on functions of contemporary theorem-proving to the equational conception of lattices

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Independent) self-dual bases for finitely based self-dual lattice varieties. D. Kelly and Padmanabhan [2004] proved the following result. Associate with every finitely based self-dual lattice variety V a number n0 defined as follows: n0 = 1 for T, n0 = 2 for L, n0 = 3 if V is of the first kind, and n0 = 4 if V is of the second kind. Then for every finitely based self-dual variety V and every n ≥ n0 there is an irredundant self-dual basis with n identities defining V. June 19, 2008 12:16 World Scientific Review Volume - 9in x 6in This page intentionally left blank AxiomLattices June 19, 2008 12:16 World Scientific Review Volume - 9in x 6in Chapter 2 Modular Lattices Modular lattices were introduced by Dedekind [1897] as an abstract characterization of the lattice of normal subgroups of a group; see Birkhoff [1948] for historic references.

X ∨ y) ∧ y) ∨ (((z ∧ y) ∨ (u ∧ y)) ∧ v)) ∧ (w ∨ y) = y. Take t := (x ∨ y) ∧ y, s := (u ∨ y) ∧ (y ∨ v) in 9, then use 10 with z := y. June 19, 2008 12:16 26 World Scientific Review Volume - 9in x 6in 1. Semilattices and Lattices 12. (((x ∨ y) ∧ y) ∨ (z ∧ y)) ∧ (u ∨ y) = y. Take v := (x ∨ y) ∧ y, w := (x ∨ y) ∧ (y ∨ v) in 7, then use 10 with z := y, u := x. 13. (((x ∨ y) ∧ y) ∨ (y ∨ y)) ∧ (z ∨ y) = y. Take u := (x ∨ y) ∧ y, v := (u ∨ y) ∧ (y ∨ v) in 2, then use 10 with z := y, u := x. 14. (x ∨ (y ∧ (x ∨ x))) ∧ (z ∨ ((u ∨ (x ∨ x)) ∧ ((x ∨ x) ∨ v))) = x ∨ x.

45. ((x ∧ y) ∨ y) ∧ y = (x ∧ y) ∨ y. Take x := (x ∧ y) ∨ y in 30, then use 43 with x := y, y := x, z := ((x ∧ y) ∨ y) ∨ z. 46. x ∨ (y ∧ (z ∧ x)) = x. Take y := z, z := y ∧ (z ∧ x) in 44, then use 35 with x := z ∧ x. 47. (x ∧ y) ∨ y = y. Identity 45 reduces to 47 by 34 with x := x ∧ y. 48. x ∨ (y ∧ (x ∧ z)) = x. Take z := x ∧ z in 46, then use 42 with y := z. 49. ((x ∧ y) ∨ (z ∧ y)) ∨ y = y. Take x := ((x ∧ y) ∨ (z ∧ y)) ∨ (((x ∧ y) ∨ (z ∧ y)) ∧ u) in 47, then use 41. 50. ((x ∧ y) ∨ (y ∧ z)) ∨ y = y.

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